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The WRTH 2024: Your Ultimate Broadcasting Guide

Discover the World’s Definitive Broadcasting Companion – The 78th Edition!

Welcome to the WRTH 2024, your passport to the fascinating world of broadcasting! As the 78th edition of the renowned World Radio TV Handbook, this iconic directory continues its legacy as the go-to resource for broadcasting enthusiasts worldwide.

What’s Inside:

  • Comprehensive Insights: Our 2024 edition unlocks the door to a world of radio broadcasts and broadcasters across a spectrum of frequencies, including LW, MW (AM), SW, FM, Digital Radio (HD and DAB), and national TV channels.
  • New Guardians: Guided by Radio Data Center GmbH, headquartered in Freising, Germany, the Handbook maintains its unmatched status as a treasure trove of information and insight into the ever-evolving radio landscape.
  • A Glimpse of Radio Culture: This edition shines a spotlight on radio culture in exotic destinations, offering vibrant portraits of how communities worldwide embrace radio as an integral part of their lives.
  • Cutting-Edge Equipment: Dive deep into the latest broadcasting equipment and technologies with our in-depth reviews of the TEF6686, Aaronia, Perseus22, and Airspy. Gain informed perspectives on these groundbreaking innovations.
  • Over 750 Pages of Enriched Data: Tailor-made for dedicated radio enthusiasts, our handbook provides a symphony of frequencies waiting to be explored.
  • Witness Evolution: Watch the magic of radio unfold as we venture into uncharted territories and peer into the future of shortwave broadcasting by major players.

Join Us on this Exciting Journey:

Celebrate the timeless allure of radio with us as we embark on this thrilling new chapter together. The WRTH 2024 is your companion to the captivating world of broadcasting. Don’t miss out on this essential resource!

Here's what's new and improved in WRTH 2024:

Anticipating the unveiling of WRTH 2024, we offer you a glimpse into what's in store:

  • Larger Font for Effortless Reading: WRTH 2024 boasts a larger font size, ensuring you catch every detail with ease.
  • On-Air Call-Signs: Find stations listed with their authentic on-air call-signs for the latest and most accurate information.
  • Seamless Spectrum Navigation: Explore radio’s spectrum effortlessly, connecting MW, SW, and FM stations for a comprehensive view.
  • Station Identification Transcripts: Dive deeper into radio culture with transcripts of station identifiers, enhancing your listening experience.
  • Comprehensive Transmission Times: Stay synced with your favorite broadcasts using our user-friendly transmission time format.

WRTH 2024 features a comprehensive review of the Perseus 22, TEF6686-based receivers, and various other devices. Engaging articles cover Mexico and Nauro, Remote Antennas, NDB DXing, as well as the Global Shortwave Situation and Premium Receiver Collectors. All well-known country sections are included, and the Global Shortwave frequency list now encompasses schedule details—offering a total of 816 pages filled with hot and useful information and data!

Prepare to embark on a journey into the extensive world of shortwave communication as you discover the invaluable 54 pages that constitute the Global Shortwave frequency list.