The World ’s Most Comprehensive
and Up-to-Date Guide to Broadcasting

Available soon WRTH 2024

The next edition of the „world’s most comprehensive and up to date guide to broadcasting“ will be available shortly.

WRTH 2024 will be available soon

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What our readers say

On the surface, the 2023 WRTH looks very good. Importantly, all that wonderful work undertaken by previous owners and publishers over many decades has been largely preserved for us radio listeners and DXers to enjoy. For this, we should be grateful and the 2023 publication deserves our support.

The new owners should to be applauded for their initiative to pick up this enormous project and run with it. Indeed, this is no small undertaking. […]But in my opinion, the first edition under the new publisher is a resounding success.

– Rob Wagner VK3BVW

I received my copy of this fine reference today and I am delighted to see its continued publication. Thank you very much for taking up the mantle! Having spent 60 years as a radio hobbyist and almost 50 years as a now retired broadcast professional, I have come to rely on WRTH as a most valued source of material. It appears, at even a brief first glance, that it is continuing in that tradition. […] Congratulations and best wishes for continued success with this book. You’ve done a marvelous job! – Ori Siegel, VA3XW